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Additional Guidelines

Processing Data Elements and Attributes

Make sure that your client application allows new data elements and attributes to be added by AP by ignoring any markup that it does not recognize.

It is recommended that your client application retrieve full metadata using links returned in the search and feed responses instead of constructing those links.


This practice is also beneficial since the returned links may contain additional optional parameters used for performance or troubleshooting.


To receive pricing information in the Item Metadata responses, make sure to add the pricing=true parameter to the item metadata links along with the apikey parameter.

Resetting Ingestion Time

To start ingesting content from a specific point in time, specify the mindate parameter in your feed request; for example:

To get a feed starting with content from two days ago:>now-2d&apikey={apikey}

To get a feed for a product ID starting with content from a specific date and time:>2018-09-19T16:22:43Z&page_size=30&apikey={apikey}

For more examples, see Standard Feed.