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AP Classification Metadata

AP News Taxonomy

AP News Taxonomy is a comprehensive classification system for English-language news content that includes standardized subjects, geographic locations, people, organizations and publicly traded companies.

AP Classification system automatically enriches news content with all the relevant metadata tags from the News Taxonomy.

  • Accurate and relevant metadata tags. AP Classification of news content goes well beyond mere text extraction; it uses human-created semantic rules to understand the content and accurately identify pertinent concepts and topics. AP's rules use contextual information to disambiguate concepts; for example, an article about Portland, Oregon will receive the 'Portland, Oregon' tag and not the 'Portland, Maine' tag, even if Oregon is not mentioned in the text.

  • Frequent, timely metadata updates. AP metadata is continuously updated to capture the latest news and the biggest newsmakers. Breaking news events and related entities are added as the event unfolds, so news content is tagged, searchable and can be aggregated programmatically by breaking news event; for example, Fort McMurray wildfire. Even before the event tag is added, you can easily identify breaking news content by the Subject and Geography terms - Wildfires and Alberta in this example.

AP Subject

AP Subject (over 4,200 terms) covers a wide variety of topics from broad categories like Crime to specific concepts like Illegal Firearms, breaking news events like Hurricane Matthew 2016 and recurring events like Academy Awards.

Top-Level Subject Categories

Value ID (GUID)
Arts and entertainment 16cb0ba3e6d24d97ace39f5a1924669a
Business c8e409f8858510048872ff2260dd383e
Environment and nature 8783d248894710048286ba0a2b2ca13e
General news f25af2d07e4e100484f5df092526b43e
Government and politics 86aad5207dac100488ecba7fa5283c3e
Health cc7a76087e4e10048482df092526b43e
Lifestyle 3e37e4b87df7100483d5df092526b43e
Media c188eb1088be10048dceb097165a0203
Obituaries 30c418e4b7644a9eb54409baf55036d1
Oddities 44811870882f10048079ae2ac3a6923e
Science 4bf76cb87df7100483dbdf092526b43e
Social affairs 75a42fd87df7100483eedf092526b43e
Sports 54df6c687df7100483dedf092526b43e
Technology 455ef2b87df7100483d8df092526b43e

For more information, see a complete list of AP Subject terms.

AP Geography

AP Geography (over 2,500 terms) contains geographic place names from continents, world regions and countries to major world cities and a large number of US cities and towns.

For more information, see a complete list of AP Geography terms.

Available properties include:

  • Location type (generic type label such as "City," "Country" or "Region")
  • Latitude and Longitude (centroid coordinates)

Location Type

Value Code
Administrative region 338c908297b44f1fb670bd656b68e18e
Autonomous community 589efdc24aac4de1a319d777f5f89b8c
Autonomous region f512b4dd78ba4f4ba24a3c54c3c59ef6
Bay a776288fde444763be0349e1fbd5c77c
Borough 30f6407ef71943d08409c3addcff1179
Canal 169ef878d9144d6390f4e855549beac5
City 9d26a20b35f0484a891740f8189d4c7b
Constituent country d83e15f769714aab9d49a03eab919128
Continent 976d112cd5c3497ea180aeecab922c6b
Disputed territory ccaa3b23a3964e57af945798a8a551ee
Former nation 953a9525c7e7457cb64a136b05565b30
Gulf 05afd5c8de0741eea5c2506a6d886d6b
Island 2ef4b4210f64440eaaa4ff3dcaf37d35
Island area 0a9b49a863314cbd86f9f6a1aaec8c4c
Island group d0cb76c4b1af4a71836227c861efab3e
Lake 23137ef0d0904c9f97f0ef95ab57e378
Nation 01f56e0e654841eca2e69bf2cbcc0526
Ocean 0bd52df049f3428ba5cf170e2037d13d
Point of Interest 682e208076874111911b4c0525017958
Province 84828d1850104a78bb35f5726b8c49aa
Region 2b2af0f2d21d45c28e9e5b43a6159057
Republic f221cb16ced7445ba082bc6e35aa489b
River 7fa74af97f7e40bf99a5e971e9a50461
Sea 61bb9878082348469a42017d7ec5533b
State 0ae5eb8e00e04295a4fc209c94bfe6ef
Strait 5806ed5221074662a381a3ac95e361a6
Territory b7a0766613394ffda1709e3e433f2de2
World region 424cdfcd69d64fa6869055f7ebf10be4

AP Person

AP Person (over 142,000 terms) covers individual newsmakers at the global and US national level, including celebrities, politicians, sports figures, business leaders, royalty and more.

Available properties include:

  • Person type (main category for each named individual).
  • Team (for team athletes and coaches only). The team(s) on which an athlete plays. The team values and codes are available as part of the list of AP Organization terms.
  • Associated event (only for athletes and coaches participating in Olympic games or FIFA World Cup). Represents a relationship between a person and a current event, typically, the person's participation in or some significant contribution to the event; for example, a player's participation in 2018 FIFA World Cup. For more information, see Associated Event Name and Code Examples.

Person Type

AP Person main categories for named individuals include:

  • BUSINESS_LEADER (company executives and other newsmakers in the business world)
  • ENTERTAINMENT_FIGURE (famous performers, models, directors and media personalities)

    • DANCER
    • MISC_ENTERTAINER (famous people in arts or entertainment who do not fit into another category, such as magicians or film producers)
    • TV_PERSONALITY (people known mainly for non-acting, non-journalistic roles on a television program; for example, talk show hosts, reality contestants and contest judges; radio personalities)
    • MODEL
  • GOVERNMENT_FIGURE (people in non-policy-making leadership roles in government, such as judges, law enforcement officials, military officers and diplomats)

  • NEWSMAKER (newsmaking people who do not fit into other categories, such as scientists, lawyers, religious leaders, activists, academics, military personnel, criminals, crime victims and people who make news because of their relationship to a famous person)
  • POLITICIAN (people in policy-making or decision-making roles in the government of a geopolitical entity, such as senators, congress people, governors and presidents)
  • SPORTS_FIGURE (athletes participating in professional or collegiate sports, or in major amateur events; sports managers, coaches and administrators)
    • COACH

Associated Event Name and Code Examples

Event Name ID
2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games 47a2f6181cff4d379227f49015d1a187
2018 FIFA World Cup 954e13c1052a43e290b13b4a099e8412
2020 Tokyo Olympic Games 3ee3daef5f474988b2c1332a1096165f
2022 Beijing Olympic Games d365e2d8988f4a8ba3a35185c2004a00
2022 FIFA World Cup 6a192cba94004872804b22f4106a7431

For more information on the AssociatedEvent property, please refer to:

AP Organization

AP Organization (over 2,500 terms) includes government and non-profit organizations, sports teams, colleges, universities, political groups, cultural and professional organizations.

For more information, see a complete list of AP Organization terms.

AP Company

AP Company (over 65,500 terms) covers public companies with shares traded on the major global and American stock exchanges. For non-U.S. companies that trade on more than one exchange, domestic exchange tickers and ADRs (American Depository Shares) are provided.

Available properties include:

  • Ticker. Ticker symbol for a security (one or more per company).
  • Exchange. Code for the stock exchange the security is traded on (one or more per company).
  • Instrument. Combination of the exchange and ticker, separated by a colon (one or more per company).
  • Industries. One or more industries related to the company. The AP Industry values and codes are available as part of the list of AP Subject terms.

Stock Exchange Codes

Code Value
ADX Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
XSAT Aktietorget
AMEX American Stock Exchange
AMM Amman Stock Exchange
ATH Athens Stock Exchange
ASX Australia Stock Exchange
BAH Bahrain Stock Exchange
XBLB Banja Luka Stock Exchange
BATS BATS Global Markets Inc.
XBEL Belgrade Stock Exchange
SAO BM&F Bovespa
BERL Boerse Berlin
DUS Boerse Duesseldorf
HAM Boerse Hamburg
HAN Boerse Hannover
MUN Boerse Muenchen
STU Boerse Stuttgart
BOG Bolsa de Valores de Colombia
MSE Bombay Stock Exchange
TLX Borsa Italian
XBRV Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres (Regional Securities Exchange - Ivory Coast)
XBRA Bratislava Stock Exchange
BUD Budapest Stock Exchange
BUE Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
BSE Bukarest Stock Exchange
BUL Bulgarian Stock Exchange
KLS Bursa Malaysia
CNSX Canadian National Stock Exchange
CAR Caracas Stock Exchange
CAS Casablanca Stock Exchange
COL Colombo Stock Exchange
CYS Cyprus Stock Exchange
FRA Deutsche Boerse AG
DHA Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd
DFM Dubai Financial Market
CAI Egyptian Exchange
AMS Euronext Amsterdam
BRU Euronext Brussels
LIS Euronext Lisbon
PAR Euronext Paris
FSE Fukuoka Stock Exchange
XGHA Ghana Stock Exchange
ROCO Gretai Securities Market
XGUA Guayaquil Stock Exchange
HSTC Hanoi Stock Exchange
STC Hochiminh Stock Exchange
HKG Hong Kong Stock Exchange
XPLU ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange
ISX Indonesia Stock Exchange
IQS Iraq Stock Exchange
DUB Irish Stock Exchange
IST Istanbul Stock Exchange
XJAM Jamaica Stock Exchange
JSE Jse Securities Exchange
KAR Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited
XKAZ Kazakhstan Stock Exchange
KRX Korea Exchange (Stock Market)
KUW Kuwait Stock Exchange
LIM Lima Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Lima)
XLJU Ljubljana Stock Exchange
LSE London Stock Exchange
LTS LSE International Trading Services
LUX Luxembourg Stock Exchange
XMAE Macedonian Stock Exchange
MAL Malta Stock Exchange
MEX Mexican Stock Exchange
MIC Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
MUS Muscat Stock Exchange
NSE Nagoya Stock Exchange
NAI Nairobi Securities Exchange
NSI National Stock Exchange of India
XNEP Nepal Stock Exchange
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
NZSE New Zealand Stock Exchange
NGM NGM Stock Exchange
NSA Nigerian Stock Exchange
RSE OMX Baltic Exchange - Riga
TAL OMX Baltic Exchange - Tallinn
VSE OMX Baltic Exchange - Vilnius
CPH OMX Nordic Exchange - Copenhagen
HEL OMX Nordic Exchange - Helsinki
ICE OMX Nordic Exchange - Iceland
STO OMX Nordic Exchange - Stockholm
OSA Osaka Securities Exchange
JASDAQ Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ
OSL Oslo Stock Exchange
OTC Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board
OTCP Over-the-Counter Pink Sheet
XPAE Palestine Securities Exchange
XPTY Panama Stock Exchange
PHS Philippines Stock Exchange
DSMD Qatar Stock Exchange
RTC RTS Classic Market RUB
RTD RTS Classic Market USD
RTO RTS Order Driven Market USD
SGO Santiago Stock Exchange
SSE Sapporo Securities Exchange
SAU Saudi Stock Exchange
SHSE Shanghai Stock Exchange
SZSE Shenzhen Stock Exchange
SGX Singapore Exchange
SGXUS Singapore Exchange - US Currency
SWX SIX Swiss Exchange
MCE Spanish Stock Exchange
XMAU Stock Exchange of Mauritius
BKK Stock Exchange Of Thailand
TPE Taiwan Stock Exchange
XTEH Tehran Stock Exchange
TAE Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
PRA The Prague Exchange
TYO Tokyo Stock Exchange
TSE Toronto Stock Exchange
TSXV TSX Venture Exchange
XTUN Tunis Stock Exchange (Bourse de Tunis)
UKEX Ukrainian Exchange
WBO Vienna Stock Exchange
WSE Warsaw Stock Exchange
XETRA XETRA - Frankfurt
ZAG Zagreb Stock Exchange
XZIM Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

AP Event

Names of planned events; for example:

  • Sports events, such as NFL football games.
  • Developing news events, such as The Latest, AP's special editorial representation of developing news stories. For more information, see The Latest - Developing Stories.

Additional Classification Metadata

Profile (ItemContentType)

The logical editorial type of the content item, used primarily for text and audio. Provides a processing hint to applications that allows them to quickly determine the content type for inclusion or exclusion in product groups or automated processes.


  • Advisory. Scheduled or ad-hoc messages not for publication. Used for scheduled digests and coverage advisories, as well as package advisories and coverage plans tied to specific planned or breaking news events.
  • Agate. Statistical data generally, although not exclusively, used for sports, financial markets and economic data.
  • Analysis. Stories specifically headlined "AP News Analysis" with rules already established by News.
  • Blog. Content that is presented as a web log, with content created by one or more people, usually maintained by one person. May provide commentary or news on a particular subject or may function as a more personal online diary.
  • Column. A regular feature written by the same person or a substitute about a specific subject or topic, with or without an opinion included.
  • Daybook. A list of upcoming events that the AP may not necessarily be covering. Not for publication.
  • Feature. Stories that are NOT focused on a breaking news angle, but are a feature, workup or trend story. It can include stories that have an incidental spot angle, but whose overall focus is big-picture. Also used for a biography of a person or a company, or a feature story focused on one person, as well as for archival text, such as the AP Was There series.
  • ExtendedHeadlinePackage. Long headlines with links to full text of the top stories, as chosen by editors in a particular category.
  • Fixture. An item filed with daily, weekly or monthly regularity (for example, Farm Scene). Excludes "Columns."
  • Game Story. Sports stories about a particular game or sporting event.
  • HeadlinePackage. Short headlines with links to full text of the top stories, as chosen by editors in a particular category.
  • Investigative Enterprise. Major investigative work or enterprise journalism. This includes AP Exclusives or other such stories that others are not reporting, even if there is no immediate spot angle.
  • List. A series of short points or items such as Today in History or 10 Things to Know series.
  • Lookahead. A story previewing an upcoming, scheduled event.
  • NewsBrief. The first two paragraphs and links to full text and associated pictures of the top stories, as chosen by editors in a particular category.
  • Obituary. A spot story about the death of a person.
  • Opinion. A point of view, advice, evaluation or judgment expressed by an editor, journalist or a subject-matter expert. Used for editorial roundups.
  • PhotoGallery. A text file aggregating and describing a collection of photos. Includes photo essays.
  • Press Release. A text or multi-media item providing non-journalistic information to the news media from a PR, government or corporate organization.
  • Review. A review of a book, play, concert or other cultural event.
  • Running. An item that reports on a developing story with a series of chronological updates. Used for The Latest and other ongoing events, such as sports matches or tournaments.
  • Sports Scores. An item containing in-progress or end of game scoring statistical information.
  • Spot Development. A report on an event or news item that happened today, or that we are learning about today that needs to be reported immediately.
  • Transcript/Verbatim. Transcripts or excerpts.
  • Weather Forecast. A prediction of future weather.


  • Actuality. An audio recording of a newsmaker talking, also known as a sound bite.
  • Music. An audio recording of music only.
  • Question and Answer Session. An audio recording of an interview, typically between a producer and a correspondent or stringer, about stories they are covering.
  • Raw Sound. An audio recording of nonverbal sounds, also known as "natural sound," "ambient sound," or "production sound."
  • Response to a Question. An audio recording of a newsmaker responding to a question.
  • Scener. An audio correspondent report recorded at the scene of a news event. The reporter does the report with the sounds of the event audible in the background.
  • Voicer. An audio correspondent report in which you hear only the voice of the correspondent.
  • Wrap. An audio correspondent report that incorporates the voices of both correspondent and newsmaker. Generally, the reporter introduces the newsmaker, the newsmaker says a few words, and the reporter then finishes out the story.


Named sets of regularly occurring content or features with a predictable focus; for example, "Financial Impact," "Film Reviews," "10 Things to Know," "Sports Briefs." For more information, see a complete list of AP Fixtures.

AP Category Code

AP category codes are applied to text, pictures, graphics and video.

English-Language Text Stories

Code Print/Online Broadcast
a Domestic general news items, including local Washington news of national interest.
c Not applicable (N/A) AM Prep, PM Prep, Today in History and other regular, general features.
d Food, diet. For use primarily on standing advance features on food, recipes and the like. Frequently used with stories in the Lifestyles package. National and international NewsWatches and News Agendas.
e Entertainment, television and culture news and features.
f News copy, regardless of dateline, designed primarily for use on financial pages.
g N/A State NewsWatches and Canadian news summaries.
h N/A National and international NewsMinutes.
i International items, including stories from the United Nations, U.S. possessions, and undated roundups keyed to foreign events.
j Lottery results only. (Stories about lotteries or lottery winners carry standard news category codes.) State NewsMinutes and lottery results
k Commentary. Material designed primarily for editorial and op-ed pages. (Not used on national DataStream services.)
l Lifestyles package.
m N/A Farm markets and agricultural news.
n Stories of state or regional interest under domestic datelines, including general news stories with Washington or international datelines. If a regional item is designed primarily for financial pages, the f category is used, and if it is designed primarily for the sports pages, the s category is used.
o Weather tables and forecast fixtures. Do not use on weather stories.
p National political copy. Generally used in months before an election.
q Used only for result or period score of a single sports event. The code is designed to help newspaper computer systems build a list of scores or ignore individual scores and wait for transmissions that group them.
r Race wire Radio network billboards, advisories and scripts.
s Sports stories, standings and results of more than one event.
t Travel copy. Television billboards, advisories and scripts.
v Advisories about stories that may carry any of the category letters. This code is also used for news digests and news advisories.
w Washington-datelined stories handled by the Washington national news desk. The category code is changed to a or i if a subsequent lead shifts to a different city.
z Delimited sports (the "z-wire"). N/A

AP Category Codes for International Text

Spanish Service
Code Value
i International news
e Entertainment
f Financial
s Sports
Dutch Service
Code Value
BUI All copy
Arabic Service
Code Value
i International news. All copy.

AP Category Codes for Pictures and Graphics

Code Value
A Domestic News
F Finance & Business
I International News
S Sports
V Advisory


AP editors may use multiple category codes separated by spaces; for example, "A S".

AP Category Codes for Video

Code Value
a National
e Entertainment
f Business
i International
l Lifestyles
n Regional (AP Video-US only)
o Strange
p Politics
s Sports
t Technology

AP Supplemental Category

AP supplemental category codes are applied to pictures and graphics.

Code Value
A Domestic
ADV Advance
AGR Agriculture
APN APNewsFeatures
ARC Archery
ATH Track and Field
BAD Badminton
BBA Professional Baseball (American League)
BBC College Baseball Men
BBH High School Baseball
BBI International Baseball
BBM Minor League Baseball
BBN Professional Baseball (National League)
BBO Professional Baseball (Other)
BBW Baseball Women
BBY Youth Baseball (Little League)
BIA Biathlon
BKC College Basketball Men
BKH High School Basketball
BKL College Basketball Ladies
BKN NBA Basketball
BKO Basketball (Other)
BKW Professional Basketball Women
BOB Bobsledding
BOX Boxing
CAN Canoe-Kayak
CAR Auto Racing
CER Olympic Ceremony
CRI Cricket
CUR Curling
CVN National political conventions
CYC Bicycle Racing
DIV Diving
ELN Election campaigns
ENT Entertainment
EQU Equestrian
F Finance
FBC College football
FBH High School Football
FBN NFL Football
FBO Football (other)
FBX XFL Football
FEA Feature
FEN Fencing
FIG Figure Skating
FILE File photo
FRE Freestyle Skiing
GLF Golf
GYM Gymnastics
H Latin America
HAN Team Handball
HFR Hold for Release (embargoed for same day release)
HKC College Hockey
HKM Mens Hockey (Olympics)
HKN NHL Hockey
HKO Hockey (Other)
HKW Womens Hockey
HKY Field Hockey
I International
JUD Judo
JUM Ski Jumping
LUG Luge
MAP Map or graphic
NOR Nordic Combined (Olympics)
OBIT Obituary
OLY Olympics
PEN Modern Pentathlon
PM PM Photos
RAC Racing (animals)
ROW Rowing
RUG Rugby
RUN Track and field
S Sports
SAI Sailing
SHO Skeet Shooting
SKI Alpine skiing
SKL Skeleton
SNO Snowboarding
SOC Soccer
SOF Softball
SOU South
SPCL Special
SPE Speed Skating
SPF Special Features Package
SWM Swimming
SYN Synchronized Swimming
TAE Taekwando
TEN Tennis
TRI Triathlon
TRM Trampoline
TTN Table Tennis
V Advisory
VBB Beach Volleyball
VBL Volleyball
WEA Weather
WRE Wrestling
WST West
WTL Weightlifting
WTP Water Polo
XGR State legislatures
XXC Cross Country Skiing
YAT Yachting
Z Misc


AP editors may use multiple supplemental category codes separated by spaces; for example, "FILE ENT".


The editorial urgency assigned to the content:

  • urgency. The editorial urgency of the content from 1 to 8. 1 represents the highest urgency, 8 the lowest.

  • editorialpriority. The human-readable urgency value assigned to the content. Because usage is deprecated, systems must rely on the urgency value for processing. The values of the urgency and editorialpriority properties correspond as follows:

    urgency editorialpriority Description
    1 f Flash
    2 b Bulletin
    3 u Urgent
    4 r Routine
    5 d Daily
    6 w Release at will
    7 a Weekday advance
    8 s Weekend advance