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Item Metadata

Returns the content item data for the specified GUID, including metadata, links to all renditions of the content item (for example, the high-resolution, preview and thumbnail versions of a picture and the caption) and content item pricing information.


  • It is recommended to use the item metadata links that are available in the search and feed responses. Learn more >>.
  • If you are requesting feeds and have an unlimited subscription plan, pricing is typically not applicable.
  • The item metadata links in search results do not include the pricing=true parameter. To receive complete pricing information in the item metadata responses (including formatted price, use code and pricing message in addition to the price tags on renditions), make sure to add the pricing=true parameter to the item metadata links along with the apikey parameter.


For video, always check the renditions.script_[format] and/or renditions.shotlist_[format] in the item metadata response for any special restrictions if you have not included these fields in the search or feed response.


  • Method: GET
  • Request URI (must be URL-encoded):[{version}]/content/{item_id}?apikey={apikey}[{optional_parameters}]

Base URI Parameters

  • version (optional). The API version; for example, 4 or 4.1. When this parameter value is not specified, the API version set as default for your account is returned.

  • item_id (required). The 32-character GUID of a content item (not case-sensitive).

Optional Parameters

  • include, exclude. Parameters used to customize the fields returned in the response. For more information, see Customizing Response Fields.

  • text_links. Specifies the format of the text renditions (stories, captions, scripts and shotlists) to return in the response. For stories, the valid value is nitf (NITF) or anpa (ANPA 1312). For captions, scripts and shotlists, the valid value is nitf (NITF). The value of all returns all available formats (this is the default).

  • versions. Specifies whether to return all available versions of the content item and all ANPA filings or only the latest (the same story in the ANPA format may be filed multiple times; for example, with a different category code):

    • By default or if versions=latest is specified in the request, only the latest version of the content item and the latest filing of the ANPA story is returned.
    • When versions=all is specified in the request, the API returns all filings of ANPA-formatted stories and multiple versions of a content item (if available) rather than only the latest version. For ANPA-formatted stories, the response includes links to all filings in renditions.anpa.version_links.
  • pricing. Specifying pricing=true in the request returns complete pricing information for each content item, including formatted price, use code and pricing message in addition to the price tags on renditions, which are returned by default. To learn more, see Pricing.

Request Header (Optional)

  • Accept-Encoding. Compresses the response to the gzip format. The valid value is gzip.

Request URI Example{apikey}&pricing=true


Returns the standard HTTP status code of "200 - OK" and the content item data for the specified GUID in the JSON format.

For information about error codes, see API Codes.

Top-Level Properties

  • api_version. The API version.
  • api_mode. The API mode; for example, "live" or "preview."
  • id. The response ID.
  • method. The API method name and HTTP method.
  • params. Parameters used in the API request.
  • data. Contains the data and metadata associated with the response.

Item Descriptive Properties

  • meta. Contains the non-content specific metadata for an item.

    • products. Contains AP products or packages to which the content item belongs.
      • id. The product or package ID.
      • name. The product or package name.
    • followedtopics. Contains AP Newsroom Followed Topics to which the content item belongs (if applicable).

      • id. The Followed Topic ID.
      • name. The Followed Topic name.
    • pricing. Pricing information for the content item (returned only when pricing=true is specified in the request). For more information, see Usage Instructions and Pricing.

  • item. Content-specific data and metadata for a content item. For more information, see Content Metadata Fields.

Sample Response

  "api_version": "1.0",
  "api_mode": "live",
  "id": "z5KyMgQ32",
  "method": "content.get",
  "params": {},
  "data": {
    "meta": {
      "products": [
       // AP products to which the content item belongs
      "followedtopics": [
       // AP Newsroom Followed Topics to which the content item belongs
    "item": {
     // Content metadata and download links