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Picture Notification Banners

Picture notification banners are advisories that are sent out when there are caption corrections, caption additions or kills of the previously delivered pictures. Caption correction and addition advisories are followed by an updated publishable picture (sent as a revision of the original content item). If a replacement picture is sent after a kill, it is sent as a separate content item (not as a revision).


Notification banners are for transmission notifications only and are sent out only for new content (filed in the last 14 days). For older content, the item rendition download link will always return the most recent version of the content item or return an error if the content has been removed. For older kills, you will receive a notification email if the AP has a record of you downloading the killed content item.

AP Category Codes

Picture notification banner entries carry the AP Category code of "V" identifying them as non-publishable advisories:

{"subject": [
  {"rels": ["category"],
   "creator": "Editorial",
   "code": "V",
   "name": "Advisories"}]}


The updated picture with caption corrections or additions is delivered with the AP Category Code of the original picture that is being corrected.

Editorial Types

Special processing instructions are included in the editorialtypes value of the picture notification banner entry; for example:

{// Example:
"editorialtypes": ["Kill"]}


A picture with the editorialtypes value of "Kill" must be removed and no longer used.

Caption Correction or Addition

A banner image linked to the caption correction or addition banner entry contains the notification type: "Caption Correction" or "Caption Addition" respectively; for example:

Caption Correction

Caption Addition

Photo Kill

A banner image linked to the killed picture banner entry includes the caption, the thumbnail and the notification type ("Photo Kill"); for example:

Photo Kill

Identifying and Getting Revisions

When linking picture content item versions, take into account that a picture notification banner is delivered as a revision of the picture that is being corrected or killed. The updated picture with caption corrections or additions is delivered as a subsequent revision. The original picture entry, the banner entry and the updated picture have the same Item ID, and the Version number is incremented with each revision; for example, "0" for the original picture entry, "1" for the notification banner entry and "2" for the updated picture entry. Learn more about managing revisions>>


Since the delivery of the notification banner and the updated picture happen in rapid succession, consistently receiving them requires using next request links for content updates. Learn more about getting content updates >>