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Migrating to AP Media API

Welcome to AP Media API, a new programmatic delivery platform where you can access all your licensed multimedia content through a simple API interface.

Migration Benefits

Access All Your Content in One Place

For the first time, you can access all your licensed AP content through one service. Media types include text/story with linked content, pictures, print graphics, video and audio.

For example, if you are using AP WebFeeds and/or AP Content API, you no longer have to integrate with two different services to get all the content you need. This means better ways to access the content you are licensed to receive.

  • Looking for tighter integration with your own system? Access the content programmatically via the API.  30 days of content is available as well as the full library of current and archive audio and print graphics content. Access will subsequently be expanded to include AP image and video archives. Learn more >>
  • Want to start downloading content automatically right away? Use the AP Media Agent to download a continuous feed of content from up to the last 72 hours. If you are migrating from AP WebFeeds Agent, see AP Media Agent FAQs.

Choose Between Search and Feed

Perform granular searches across archives of all media types or receive a continuous feed of news content.

  • Search is used to query a database of existing content to find what you are interested in; for example, all media linked to an event that occurred last week.
  • Feed is used for content ingestion - monitoring a stream of content to receive all updates and new content going forward; for example, breaking news about wildfires.

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Account Information and Pricing

  • Account information. Media API supports lookup of your plan details, order history and usage information (for example, checking how many downloads available for your plan have already been used).
  • Pricing. Content item pricing based on your contract is returned upon request for searches (typically not applicable to feeds).

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  • Linked curated media with metadata. Metadata is now available for linked curated media (for example, for pictures and/or video linked to a story by AP editors). For easier processing, links to curated media and metadata are available directly from the feed response, not from NITF-formatted stories.
  • Pick metadata fields you need. You can now control which metadata fields are returned in the API response using the include and/or exclude parameters.

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Additional Benefits

  • Integration with AP Newsroom:

    • Followed Topics. Monitor incoming content for your favorite news subjects in AP Newsroom and get feeds for these Followed Topics via Media API.
    • On-Demand. Select one or more content items in AP Newsroom and have the items automatically delivered via Media API.
  • High availability is ensured by cloud-based redundancy.

  • Easier troubleshooting and support. Enhanced logging eliminates the need to send us your log files.

Easily transition to AP Media API

If you are using AP Content API, AP WebFeeds or AP Breaking News API, learn about the improvements offered by the AP Media API compared to the specific service you are currently using and how to migrate:


Check out our FAQ section.