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Migrating to AP Media Agent

This section is for AP WebFeeds Agent users who are migrating to AP Media Agent.

Migration Benefits

AP Media Agent offers you these benefits:

  • Multiple agents on the same machine. The new AP Media Agent allows you to run more than one agent on the same machine saving hardware resources.
  • Run the agent as a service. If you choose to run the agent as a service, the agent will resume ingesting content automatically when your machine is restarted. Learn more >>
  • Content cleanup. You can configure the agent to remove old content files from your system to help free up resources automatically. Learn more >>
  • Auto update of agent. Agents installed on your machine may be seamlessly updated to the most current version.
  • Duplicate detection. Simplified options for filtering out duplicate content help you maximize your bandwidth and streamline content processing. Learn more >>
  • Agent remote logging. AP Customer Support team will now have access to your agent logs for efficient troubleshooting and issue resolution.
  • New web interface. Improved user interface makes launching and configuring the agent easier.
  • Start/stop content ingestion remotely. You can now stop and restart content ingestion from the Agent Configuration Dashboard as long as the agent process is running. Learn more >>

Easily Transition to AP Media Agent

The AP Media Agent Configuration Dashboard allows you to import your agent configuration settings from the AP WebFeeds Manager portal.

If you are using AP WebFeeds Agent, you can export your agent configuration profile from the AP WebFeeds Manager portal to an XML file, and then import it on the AP Media Agent Configuration Dashboard. Follow these quick migration steps >>