This page lets you explore available elections data by Date, State, and ResultsType setting. You can do this in any order. For example, choose a state and the Election Date menu will show only applicable dates. Alternatively, choose an election date and the statePostal menu will only show applicable states.

Explore the parameters and try queries using ‘Issue Request’. Use ‘Copy to Clipboard’ to export your query.
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        See Available Data & Construct API Queries
        These menus contain currently available election data. Select in any order to see available results.
        statePostal supports a list; for example: statePostal=nd,sd,ok
        See References
        Values in these menus are static; there may not be matching election data.
        officeID and raceType support lists; for example: officeID=a,b
        Get your API responses in either XML or JSON format.
        RaceId, SeatNum, SeatName, UnContested, Party, National Parameters you can manually add to further filter your query.
        CandidateInfo, SetZeroCounts, OmitResults, Avotes Parameters you can manually add to manipulate the response.

        Your Query


           For demonstration purposes, queries issued from this explorer will return a maximum of one race.